Our, BRAIN BOOSTER – ANIMATED TERM SERIES for the LKG and UKG children is designed to fulfill the current scenario of the modern society and to make every child a complete man by gaining high level of confident with the best understanding capacity and with the powerful communication skill.

Our new BRAIN BOOSTER – ANIMATED TERM SERIES changes the class room environment into a 3D (Three Dimensional) arena by providing a lot of Audio – Visual web content in an interactive manner.

It also provides a conducive environment to both the Teachers and the students to enjoy the teaching and learning processes by facilitating more and more activities making the children to thrive in 4D ( Four Dimensional) skills viz. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Wring skill of every child.

Each book has four subjects like English, Mathematics, Nature Science and General Knowledge.

Each page of the book is animated in the web content, all the Rhymes and stories as well as an interactive manner.

We are also providing the free Mid Term & Terminal Question Papers for your examinations.

We are also ready to give enlighten program to the Teachers for the proper and beer usage of our BRAIN BOOSTER – Animated Terms Series text books for LKG and UKG and Web content.

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Brain Booster UKG Package

Brain Booster UKG Package – Short Description

Brain Booster LKG Package

Brain Booster LKG Package – Short Description